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Employment Solicitor in Cork

Unfair Dismissal

Dealing with disciplinary actions, pre and post-termination requirements, redundancy, termination. We work hard to ensure that our clients have a say in the civil court, the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court. We can help even if you had a constructive dismissal.

Healthy & Safety Issues

If your job field is harmful due to the negligence or fault of your employer, we’re here to listen to you. We want to make sure that you're allowed compassionate and bereavement leave. In cases of personal injury and safety hazard, we’ll represent you in the light of current Irish law.

Harassment, Bullying, Sexual Misconduct

Any kind of harassment (physical, mental or sexual) is forbidden in the Irish law. Our lawyers for employees will assist you to build up a proper case. Stand against harassment to bring justice and compensation.

Compensation, Salary or Pension

Managing proper benefits for full-time, part-time or contractual workers, paternity and maternity leave, stress/sick leave. The other side may meddle with your due payment and overtime benefits. We set up proper documents and procedures to help you get your fair share. Our experts help retired employees too. We will help you solve your pension disputes.

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How much does it cost to hire a specialist?

Perhaps you’d like a straight answer. But in most cases, it depends on your issue. We advise you to talk to us about the approximate cost beforehand. Our solicitors are ready to discuss different funding options including fixed fee. We advise options according to your need and convenience. We offer certain clients the option to go ‘no win no fee’ with their case. Please talk to us for a tailored answer.

Do you need a representative?

The answer isn’t always yes. But a lawyer will help you with primary assessment. Often the balls are in your court and you don’t know it. Experienced legal personnel can help you identify the loopholes. We take a look at the contract law and give you practical advice. So you’re in an expert’s hands once you contact us. In case you need to take a step back, experts will tell you as it is. Some issues can be solved without involving the court or the tribunal. If you’re confused, you can always ask for a primary consultation which is free.


Is there a No Win No Fee option?

Clients get our utmost care and attention. We strive to offer competitive pricing with the goal of setting up a comfortable relationship. It’s common for legal consultants to ask for a fee only after the case is won. However, that comes with certain preconditions and patterns. If our team consider your case to be eligible for a ‘No Win No Fee’ offer, they will let you know upfront. It’s okay to ask about it beforehand. You never know. Contact us to find about getting legal aid.

What does an employment lawyer do?

We have a wide range of practice areas related to the workplace. We handle legal issues with the help of our legal counsels and according to the best practices. It’s common to experience misconduct or harassment from either side of an organization. Whether you’re a small business, a large company or an employee, we will represent you in the labour court or any other jurisdiction. We help workers to get the right compensation for their physical or monetary loss with the help of a labour law expert. We stand against companies practicing unlawful cut-offs. We help employees who demand employee benefits. It’s an opportunity to serve you with our expert consultants and paralegal. We ensure justice and fairness in the workplace.

Is your business safe?

Often businesses neglect the consequences of lousy paperwork. Sometimes, it brings such a messy headache that the entire company may collapse. Have you ensured work permits of every employee or worker? Are your agreements with your employees following the best practices? Is your business non-discriminatory towards its subordinates? Does it discriminate based on race, colour, sexuality and gender identity? It’s important to respect diversity and gender equality in an work environment. Or, the National Employment Rights Authority will have a say. So it’s high time organizations took a look at the paperwork and termination policy. Our professionals for employees will help you perfect the policies and face the tribunal.

How to avoid going to court?

It may be faster and better to keep the case away from the court and solve it through conciliation, compromise or mediation. Often, alternative arbitration brings about a peaceful and quick solution to the dispute. Our specialists may be inclined to mediate between the conflicting parties through civil litigation and mediation. A written contract may be changed in the light of a new agreement between the involved parties. These alternative paths can lead to a better result for both parties without involving the court. However, the arbitration process often fail and lead to litigation. Instances like bullying and harassment usually require legal help. We assist clients to form new contracts arising from alternative arbitration.

Who pays for an employment tribunal?

It doesn’t cost anything to apply to employment tribunal.

If you lose the case, there is a very small chance that the judge may order you to pay for the employer’s financial loss. However, this is a rare case. As we’ve seen, this happens for lower than 1% cases. A lawyer might tell you that they’re going to make you pay. But it’s usually to scare you into giving up. But if you filed a deceitful case only to harass your employer, the tribunal might make you pay for the employer’s loss.

Please, be advised to behave well in the tribunal as it may determine whether you have to pay or not.

What is proof of right to work in Ireland?

If you’re from the EU/EEA, your passport may do the job for you. The employer may ask for additional documents for information or legal purposes. According to Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996, you can’t employ teens younger than 16 for full-time jobs. 14 is the minimum age limit for any kind of employment.

If you’re not from the EU/EEA, your legal permission to reside and work in the Republic of Ireland is needed. The legal steps toward obtaining Green Card Permits, Work Permits, Spousal/Dependent Permits can be taken through Our solicitors will take care of your immigration issues.


Why us?

We take care of our visitors with due urgency and expertise. If you’re having an issue with your current or former employer, or a difficult employee, we’re here to help. From setting you up with an experienced person to execution, we remember the importance of compliance. We offer service to any location in Ireland.

If you want to have a detailed review of your rights in the workplace or as an employer, please refer to these downloadable PDFs from Workplace Relations Commission, Ireland:

Employment Law Explained (PDF)

Guide to Employment, Labour and Equality Law (PDF)

Or visit:

Workplace Relations Commission

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